We believe that anyone with even a small amount of land can create a profitable, life-changing glamping business in as little as 90 days.

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Hi, We are Brian & Joanna Linton. After building a $20m clothing business, we dove head first into the hospitality industry - first, by opening a small boutique hotel.  But it wasn't until we bought an old campground and transformed it into Ferncrest did we find our true calling.  


‚ÄúLearn from our victories and stumbles in building our own glampground, Ferncrest. Our lessons are your shortcuts to creating your own profitable paradise.‚ÄĚ


Brian & Joanna Linton


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Assess Your
Land's Potential

Does your land support the needs of a glamping operation? You'd be surprised at how little you need!

Understand Zoning
and Permitting

Learn why zoning and permitting should not be nearly as intimidating as it sounds.

Create Unique

Building an attractive mini-glampground does not have to be expensive - just make it unique!


We started a glampground that now generates over $500,000 per year. Learn how you can do the same with as little as 2 acres of land.

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We love sharing our journey and hope to inspire others to chase their dreams.  

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